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Conceptual understanding of u-learning in the cases of two devices.

Smartphone u-learning. A modified unified theory of acceptance and usage technology model is used. Although smartphones would not be universally applicable for all campuses they may prove particularly useful for ubiquitous learning applications such as ubiquitous campus u-campus and mobile campus m-campus. Ubiquitous learning can be defined as an everyday learning environment that is supported by mobile and embedded computers and wireless networks in our everyday life Ogata et al.

Learning u-learning which is being powered by smartphone capabilities in the learning environment. Mobile learning also known as M-learning is a new way to access learning content using mobile devices. Sehingga setiap pegawai memiliki sumber belajar yang tak terbatas baik melalui eksplorasi individu secara mandiri maupun interaksi sosial baik secara langsung maupun tidak langsung.

They are often distinguished by hybrid learning environments that encompass elements of formal and informal learning in activities that happen in distributed settings indoors and outdoors across physical and virtual spaces. It examines what impact mobile devices have had on teaching and. Instead of that the paper also aims at providing particular information related to u-learning for researchers who are interested in venturing this new area of ubiquitous computing.

While the findings confirm the significant roles of users cognitive perceptions the findings also shed light on the possibility of the smartphone serving as an enabler of u-learning. Access your courses on the go with the ULearning mobile app. They use Symbian windows mobile or other operating system.

1 Smartphones may prove to be quite useful in u-learning applications but acceptance will depend on how well the user interface supports. U-learning systems generally consist of three components. As they have internet browsers.

From any device you can now. Its possible to learn whenever and wherever you want as long as you have a modern mobile device connected to the Internet. 1052008 Mobile Devices for U-Learning ulliPersonal Digital Assistants or PDAs are probably the most common type of mobile technology in education.

This study aims at understanding the fundamental factors influencing users intentions to continually use smartphones as a ubiquitous learning u-learning tool. They have smaller sizes than PDA and bigger than cellular phones. Smart Phones – They are hybrid devices which combine the abilities of cellular phones and PDA.

1012005 The availability of handheld networked devices such as Pocket PCs enables their use both in the development of mobile learning environments m-learning and in the integration m-learning into e-learning environments to form ubiquitous learning environments u-learning. 1 Smartphones may prove to be quite useful in u-learning applications but acceptance will depend on how well the user interface supports particular. This study examines consumers expe.

RFID and Wi-Fi-enabled smartphones. First the learning management system LMS is a comprehensive and secure web-based learning system employing a simple built-in interface for learners. The results reveal the possibility of a smartphone as an enabler of u-learning.

They have potentiality to be successfully used in the mobile multimedia education. M-learning in corporate education. Or ubiquitous-learning requires mobile devices equipped with sensor technology and wireless communication Liu.

4222020 Mobile and Ubiquitous Learning mulearning are finding an increasing adoption in education. The factors influence users to use smartphones as a ubiquitous learning tool. Context-aware u-learning could be classified under m-learning actually because as more smart phones enable sensor technology m-learning will become indistinguishable from context-aware u-learning.

LiululliWith technological advances and steadily decreasing cost mobile phones are emerging as a viable option for mobile. This paper describes a new learning paradigm known as ubiquitous learning or u-learning which is supported by the ubiquitous computing technologies. 1112011 Although smartphones would not be universally applicable for all campuses they may prove particularly useful for ubiquitous learning applications such as ubiquitous campus u-campus and mobile campus m-campus.

LiululliTablet PCs are currently the most versatile form of mobile technology because they combine the functionality of a laptop and a PDA. U Learning atau Ubiquitous Learning merupakan proses belajar yang mengedepankan kemudahan cara belajar dari mana saja kapan saja dan dengan cara apa saja. This paper considers some of the issues in implementing u-learning.

According to Jung 2014 ubiquitous learning u-learning combines the characteristics of electronic learning e-learning and mobile learning m-learning in. 2008The learning process includes the real-life experience augmented with virtual information. Mobile learning or M-Learning offers modern ways to support learning process through mobile devices such as handheld and tablet computers MP3 players smart phones and mobile phonesThis document introduces the subject of mobile learning for education purposes.

2009It is aimed to provide learners with content and interaction anytime and anywhere Hwang et al.

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