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This page contains information for domestic applicants. If you are an international applicant, please check out our page for more information.


This site offers you links and information to aid you in becoming a graduate student at Middle Tennessee State University. If the information you seek is not provided, please contact us at askgrad@mtsu.edu or 615-898-2840. You can also check our Frequently Asked Questions page for answers to common questions.


Admissions Requirements

千蠃官网国际网址The following requirements apply to application for most programs offered at Middle Tennessee State University:

  • Applicants with a minimum of a bachelor's degree may apply to the College of Graduate Studies. 
  • All applicants to the College of Graduate Studies must have an overall undergraduate grade point average (GPA) of 2.75 (on a 4.00 scale) to be considered for unconditional admission.
  • Applicants who attended graduate school at another institution must have a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.00 on all graduate work and a minimum of 2.75 on all undergraduate work to be considered for unconditional admission.  
  • International students on an F1 visa must meet requirements for unconditional admission.

Please note: Individual programs may have higher admission requirements than those of the College of Graduate Studies. Prospective students should consult the  or  for千蠃官网国际网址 individual program admission requirements. 


Admissions Deadlines

For timely application processing, submit your application to the College of Graduate Studies by the following priority dates:

  • October 1:  Priority date for spring semester
  • March 1:  Priority date for summer semester
  • June 1:  Priority date for fall semester

Please note: Individual programs may have earlier application deadlines. Prospective students should consult the  or  for application deadlines.


Fill Out Your Application

Choose your application type:

Domestic Students:

Choose this application type if you are a citizen, permanent resident, refugee or asylee of the Unites States of America and:

  • have NEVER applied to the College of Graduate Studies at MTSU
  • have previously graduated from MTSU with a graduate level degree and are pursuing a higher degree

International Students:

千蠃官网国际网址Choose this application type if you are NOT a citizen, permanent resident, refugee or asylee of the United States of America.

Reapplying to Graduate School:

Students reapplying to graduate school after a stop-out (excluding summers) must submit a readmission application. There is no application fee required for reapply. 


Pay Your Application Fee

A $35.00 (USD) application fees is required for all new applications.  Students that qualify for readmission applications do not need to pay this fee.  See Fill Out Your Application section above to choose which application you need.


Submit Admissions Materials

After submitting and paying for your application, your application will be processed by our graduation analysts.  Once this occurs, you will receive an email from the College of Graduate Studies with further admissions instructions.  You will receive your M Number and MTmail account in that email.  Once you receive that information, you can set up your PipelineMT account and submit your admissions materials to the .  The askgrad@mtsu.edu email cannot accept attachments.

Individual programs have other specific application requirements.  Please check with your program of interest for these requirements.  

Please note: 千蠃官网国际网址All materials received become the property of MTSU and cannot be returned to the student or forwarded to a third party.


Submit Entrance Exam Scores

GRE, GMAT, MAT, or English Language Proficiency

Submission of GRE, GMAT, MAT scores may be required for admission by your program. Please check the requirements of your program of interest to determine if a test is needed.

English Language Proficiency is required of all international applicants.

千蠃官网国际网址The Middle Tennessee State University Institution Code is:

  • GRE: 1466
  • GMAT:
    • Accounting: 6ZR-KJ-63
    • Business Administration: (Full-time): 6ZR-KJ-25
    • Business Administration: (Part-time): 6ZR-KJ-52
    • Finance: 6ZR-KJ-07
    • Information Systems: 6ZR-KJ-37
    • Management: (Full-time): 6ZR-KJ-25
    • Management: (Part-time): 6ZR-KJ-52
  • MAT: 1751
  • TOEFL: 1466
  • IELTS: Mailed to the College of Graduate Studies
  • UMELI: Mailed to the College of Graduate Studies
  • ELS: Mailed to the College of Graduate Studies 


Submit All Previous Transcripts

Applicants must submit transcripts from all colleges, universities, and institutions attended other than MTSU. Applicants are NOT required to submit MTSU transcripts. 

The College of Graduate Studies does not accept unofficial transcripts.  To be considered an official, a transcript must be sent directly from the applicant's institution to the College of Graduate Studies at MTSU. 

It is likely that you can order an electronic version of your transcript through your institution. Another option is to see if your school is listed at one of the following services: 千蠃官网国际网址 or . These sites will send your transcripts directly and quickly to us.

If your institution cannot send transcripts electronically, they can mail them to:

College of Graduate Studies
MTSU Box 42
Murfreesboro, TN 37132
United States




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